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Cameron Foster's Profile

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Cameron Foster

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November activities

Nov 16th @ 12:56pm EST

:) wishing that the weekend is going great for Everyone. I have been super busy this past month with training, school, and modeling gigs. It is all going good but keeping my schedule tight. I have made time for more shows this week do get online in my Fan Club for free live shows for my Members. I made some new videos and posting more pictures in the Fan Club tonight. So my plan this week is to do a free show in the morning for all my Members and another free show in the evening each day in this new week. If I can not get online I will make a new sexy video instead. Before my live shows for FC Members I will have a countdown clock in place because its an easy way to let everyone know when the next show is. I will also post on my twitter when my next shows are @Cameronfosterx Im excited for the sexy shows today in the Fan Club. For the first show I will be oiling up my naked body where ever my Members want ;) and the 2nd show tonight will be a surprise! Going to get back to my studying now and then post some new pictures in the Fan Club See you Guys soon XOCameron Foster

Sunday Fun day!

Sep 7th @ 11:48pm EDT

Wow this weekend went by fast.. I guess the saying is true time does seem to go fast when your having fun :) I hope Everyone has enjoyed their weekend. I am excited for a great week with all of you. I plan on going live this week and also going for some contest since I have not done that in a little while. I will be back online Monday night at 10 pm EST but I will try to get online sooner if I can finish up training soon enough. I have less than a month till my fitness show and Birthday! turned 25 but do not feel much different than at 18 haha. I had a great time in my Fan Club today with all my Members that joined me. We had some sexy shows from playing with my dildo, stroking my cock, flexing, nipple play, bicep kissing and more! Wow it was a sexy night ;) Im looking forward to coming back! As for the rest of tonight Im going to get in my bicep workout at the gym and probably some abs too. I also would like to post some more pictures in the Fan Club. I posted a lot of new ass pictures after my butt workout and soon I think I will post a lot of cock pictures ;) so stay on look out for that! I will post on my twitter @cameronfosterx when I do get a chance to post these new pictures. I hope the new videos of me playing with my sex toys are being enjoyed and I do plan on making a new video this week! Thank you all for the great times and I hope to see you Monday! XO Cameron Foster

Thursday play day :)

Sep 4th @ 11:52pm EDT

Hey Guys its almost the weekend! Im so excited :) because weekends are usually extra fun if you make it that way. I want to go to a club with friends Friday night and Saturday will probably check out a pool party if the weather is nice. I had a great time earlier in the Fan Club. I did an awesome muscle show with my Fan Club Members that joined me. Got all oiled up and did biceps, shoulders and abs. Felt pretty pumped from it! I would like to do another free show for my Fan Club Members very soon! I will post on my twitter @cameronfosterx and in the Fan Club wall when the next free show is. Also remember Guys you can email me here and I love getting your emails. I respond a lot faster here because Im able to check my messages just about everyday here. I have also been enjoying flirt phone recently too! Have had some hot phone sex and also just chatting about life too. Really up to you Guys what we talk and do there since I like it all. Sunday I do not have any set plans yet but I will do my best to get online here. I had a wonderful Member wish me happy birthday and they got the day correct but its not till next month. Still super sweet and nice of them to remember. Now it has me thinking though my birthday is in a month and I gotta do something big! Im thinking road trip and beach or something. The prior year I got on here before I went out and had an awesome birthday party with Everyone that joined me. Still a month to plan it and also less than 30 days away from my fitness show too. Its going to be a busy and fun month. Looking forward to spending it with you Guys! Cheers, XO Cameron

Wedneday Hump Day!

Sep 3rd @ 11:57pm EDT

Hey Everyone its the middle of the week already! Wow this week is going by fast. Its seems to be true time flys when your having fun and I had a great time with the new Fan Club video! I was shopping for some lube and body oil. I have been told I should get a case of it since it usually lasts me a week haha. I came across this "hot piece of ass" sex toy. I was looking at them because by popular requests I have had many asking if I can get a toy I fuck. I also have a couple friends that got a similar toy and have been wondering about it. Well the gentleman who told me about the toy had a long speech to say about and how awesome it was. That was the finale convincing I needed to give this toy a try. Well took my new piece of ass home and gave it a go! The man was right and this hot ass does feel great and pretty fun too! Its fun to let the imagination run wild with this toy and bust a much needed nut! I still love rubbing and touching myself but sometimes its fun to have some extra assistance ;) I hope that my Fan Club Members enjoy the new video I made. I got so sweaty from going at it for over an hour with this new toy. I gave an up close and underneath view of me fucking the toy. Im used to camera crews doing angles and etc for me while fucking but this fun. Believe it or not I havent had sex since my prior porn scene a month ago haha so I really go to town on this hot piece of ass!

Tuesday thoughts

Sep 2nd @ 11:40pm EDT

Hey Everyone I hope you enjoyed your Labor Day Weekend. There was a lot of exciting stuff happening here with model contests. I didn't compete in this one but did do a free Fan Club show which went great. I have a fitness competition in less than a month so I'm working out 3 or more times per day. I got the supplements I ordered like protein, natural testosterone boosters and more so my body can manage all the fitness stuff. Im thinking about doing more workouts at home and in the Fan Club so I can spend more time there. The prior time I did that I ended up working out naked haha which was awesome with my Members. I will make time to get online here for more private and group shows since I enjoy those as well. Since I haven't been able to get online as much I went from the top 10 percent ranking models to top 20 percent. I need to get back to the top :) I appreciate all the love and niceness I get here Guys and it keeps me coming back for more! If you haven't seen my Twitter yet, check it out. I have pictures there, post when I'm getting online and have more adult films coming out! Check in my profile for my VODS, I have hundreds of sexy videos there. Next free Fan Club show is Thursday at 10pm EST! See you soon, XO Cameron

Labor Day Weekend

Sep 1st @ 8:56pm EDT

Hey Guys, I hope your all enjoying your Labor Day Weekend! I have had a great time in the Fan Club with shows and giving away a free pass extension to the website during Sunday night's show and raffle. I will pick another raffle winner this Friday Everyone! All you gotta do to get a raffle ticket is be a Member in my Fan Club and you could possibly win a free extension to your membership! I have enjoyed the Member shows and I like up the type of show for those that are new. Sometimes I'm performing a dildo play show, a cum show, muscle flexing, showering, and more. I've also had requests to get online a chat more so I will be doing that more. Thank you guys for love, I appreciate all the niceness. Today I got some fun in the sun, worked out and now just about ready to get on WebCam for a Members show! Hope you all can join. 10pm EST and make sure to follow me on Twitter because I made a posts about the Fan Club show way earlier. Remember you can message me here if you have any questions or want to set up 1:1 time with me. Talk to you soon!Cameron Foster


Aug 25th @ 7:42pm EDT

I hope Everyone enjoyed their weekend. Mine was nice with friends, movies and dinners. Busy day at the gym and just got home. I got in a great chest and abdominal workout. My strength is going up like I want. Each week I just bump the weight up by a bit. I got a nice massage earlier too, which I needed from all the gym time. Im excited for the Fan Club show tonight at 10pm EST! I will be doing a free show for Members. Also going to stay after the show just to chat a bit since I had a good time with that in the prior shows. Thinking tonight going to be oiling my body up and working out in some tight undies with my Members. This week I also plan on going live for more private show since I had a great time with that yesterday. If Im not online and you want to set something up with me just send me an email. I also have had requests to follow back on twitter, please just say that on my twitter page. I cant be writing down screen names etc while on live chat with so much going on. I will be adding new pictures this week in the Fan Club and doing free Member shows :)Check out my twitter for updates!XO Cameron

Free Members Show

Aug 21st @ 1:50am EDT

Its the middle of the week "Wednesday Hump Day" so what better thing to do today than a free show for my Fan Club Members! I had requests during my prior cum show to stay on longer and chat. I could not because I had a birthday party to attend. Today though I made extra time to stay on and chat for a full hour! It was great, I had some nice conversations about all sorts of different stuff ranging from the wild rain here to the porn scenes I have done. It was a nice change up and I will do it again. Im not saying I dont enjoy the sexy shows because after the chatting I did do a hot cum show ;) Started off with lathering my body up in oil (which is a huge turn on for me) then into stroking my cock while teasing my ass. I have this sex toy dildo that was sent to me as a gift so I played with that too! I ended up busting a huge load after an hours worth of foreplay before cumming all over. I sure needed that one after a busy day at the gym. I have bumped up my workouts to 3 times a day since there is a fitness show in 2 months I would like to do good in. I will be doing another free Fan Club show this Friday. Im not sure exactly what time but I will keep you updated here and on my twitter. Have a great night, XO Cameron

Free Fan Club Show!

Aug 4th @ 10:39pm EDT

Hi Guys :) I will be doing another free Fan Club show tonight! I had an awesome time with our Members show the 31st of July. Had a sexy time oiling up my body wherever my Members wanted ;) and doing the raffle too for Members to win a month extension to the Fan Club! Everyone that is a Member in the FC will get a free raffle ticket and on the 31st August I will draw another winner to have a chance to win a months extension to the Fan Club! I have 99 videos in there and 350 plus pictures so far! I will be making another video this week and already posted a whole bunch of new pictures yesterday! I will be doing several free live Member shows this month for my Members. I announce also on my twitter @cameronfosterx (You can also click on direct link in my profile) when Im doing the free shows for m Members. I will continue to post more pictures and videos too this month too! If you want to set up a private 1on1 show you can email or call me here with flirt phone. Had a great phone chat the other day :) Going to get ready now for the show with my Members! Wishing that all my new videos and pictures are enjoyed, I also really appreciate the positive feedback and comments I have been getting too! Thank you very much! Love, Cameron

Free show tonight for Fan Club Members

Jul 31st @ 9:55pm EDT

At 10pm EST I will be doing a free live show for my Fan Club Members! I also will be doing a raffle do giving away a free month extension to the Fan Club. To have a chance at winning all you need to be is a Member and I will have you entered for a chance to win 30 days extra to my site! Good luck Everyone and thanks again for being a Member in my Club :)

Sunday Fun Day!

Jul 14th @ 8:52pm EDT

Thank you all that joined me and helped me getting close to being a winner in the contest. I got close and saw I was in 10th place at one point. I need to be a top 5 model to actually win though. I appreciate the support and the good times we had. Next time I really want to WIn!!! :) Also I said I would send a free 30 day pass to my Fan Club for the high Tipper/Giver that day and make a custom video for them in the Fan Club! Congratulations to our Winner Marco*** and thank you for the support! I also plan on having another raffle this week to give my group show pledgers a chance to win a 2 week free pass into my Fan Club! Im about to have 100 plus videos in there along with the 300 plus pictures!!! Im going to get on WebCam tonight after my workouts and new video I make in the Fan Club. This week I do have a sale going on to join or renew a Membership in my Fan Club! Thank you Guys for the great times and support here. Looking forward to getting back online. Also if Im not online you can message me here to et up private shows. I was also asked by several Members online "Can I re watch a show you did in private or group?" The answer is Yes! Most all of my group shows and private shows are available in the Videos section in my profile. Best Wishes,Cameron Foster

Wednesday Night!

Jul 10th @ 2:18am EDT

I had a great time with Everyone tonight :)The private and multichat shows were so hot n sexy... I also enjoyed the party chats we did stripping down to my jock strap and other sexy undies I tried on. I totally forgot to pick a raffle winner before I got offline haha you Guys need to remind me! I did randomly pick a winner and its AsianGuy so congratulations!!! Going to be sending you a free two week pass to my Fan Club! There I have nearly 100 videos and over 300 pictures all to be enjoyed whenever my Members want! I will do my best to get back online tomorrow after my personal training. Also this month Im going to have a raffle for each Fan Club Member to possibly win a month free extension to my Fan Club (All you need to be is a Member and I will have a separate drawing for that. Looking forward to making more videos in my Fan Club and would like to do another free muscle and oil show next week for Members. IF Your not a Member in my Club I do have Vods (pre recorded shows) you can enjoy here as well if Im not online or whenever. I missed a call earlier on flirt phone but please feel free to call me and if I dont answer just call again (I do my best to answer) Remember to follow me on twitter, there I have a bunch of pictures. You can send me emails here also and I do my best to respond to those within 24-48 hours usually. If you want to set up a private show sometime or wanna say hi please feel free to email me. Again great time tonight and looking forward to coming back!Best wishes, XOXO Cameron Foster

Saturday night

May 11th @ 1:30am EDT

Hey Guys I was wanting to go live tonight on WebCam but have birthdays to celebrate but I will do my best to go live here Sunday.

Free Live Fan Club show Wednesday 9pm EST

Apr 2nd @ 2:54am EDT

My Tuesday has been good so far and I hope the same for everyone. It has been a busy day though. I enjoyed personal training earlier and tonight at midnight getting in a workout myself. Going to workout my legs with squats, sprints and lounges mostly. Doing this ab challenge of Abs everyday for 30 days. I've done this before and works great when taking whey and casein protein with fitness routine. If I did not have my protein I would be to sore and need days off for recovery. I also take a lot of healthy supplements and very excited because I'm expecting more coming in the mail this week. I love how good they make me feel. I also just started juicing with fruits and vegetables again. Tonight I'm making a broccoli, sweet potato, and stevia drink lol wish me luck swallowing this one down. Wednesday I was able to get off from work earlier and will be going live giving a free muscle show in my Fan Club. Thursday I will not be able to go live but will be making a shower movie instead for my Fan Club Members to enjoy ;)Have a goodnight GuysBests, Cameron Foster

Monthly Raffle!

Apr 1st @ 12:26am EDT

Hi Everyone, I hope that you have had a good start to the week. I have started my new jobs and it's going good. I was wanting to be here full time because I enjoyed the time spent here but I need to earn more money to take care of things here. I can still take requests for private shows, just send me an email and will get our privates set up! Even though I could not get live today as stated I still had our monthly Raffle. We have two lucky winners out of our monthly Raffle. The lucky ticket winner is Genphonse and our high tip winner is Shadow at 5k credits, congratulations Guys! The winners will receive a month pass to the Fan Club and each receive dedicated and custom pictures and video in the FC. Will have another monthly Raffle at the end of April (hopefully I can be live for that if not working to much). I have more details about this in my profile. Remember I also have hundreds of pre recorded videos from shows I have done here you can enjoy. Check them out because they are sexy and at a great deal too credit wise. If your a Member in the Fan Club expect a new muscle video Wednesday and hot shower video Thursday. I hope the cum show video I made yesterday is being enjoyed ;)Again congratulations to our Raffle Winners this month and thank you Guys for liking my stuff.Bests, Cameron Foster

Fan club changes

Mar 27th @ 10:38pm EDT

Hey Everyone, I have been enjoying my time live giving free shows for Fan Club Members. The tips have helped and compliments have been very much appreciated. I do not get live on the site as much anymore like I would like. I gave an effort wanting to be a top model and possibly would still love that. I just can't have this WebCam as my main source of income lol I had to get an extension just to keep my power on. I will continue to give 3 free shows a week but they are going to have to be in movies I make in the Fan Club. I figure this will be better for you anyways because you will be able to watch these videos anytime at your convenience. I wish I could still get live here and if I get the chance I will. You can still get private shows with me, please just message me and will set it up. I will continue to post pictures, blog entries and keep you up to date on the Fan Club wall. So you can expect 3 new videos a week on top of other things I mentioned. As a Member you get a 5% discount on my private shows too. I'm going to have to go back to more personal training, modeling jobs, and maybe construction. I will still have our free show this Sunday giving a cum show for Members at 9pm EST. I was hoping I could do this full time with you Guys but did not get the 100+ Members fast enough and I need to make sure my electricity stays on so I can still do stuff here in the house I just moved in. I appreciate the support I have had from those that have been joining me. Also remember you can still have live private shows or call me through the site with flirt phone. If I get 100+ Members in the Fan Club I will be able to do live shows here more if that's what was wanted by then. I hope you enjoy the new movies, pictures, and blog posts I will keep you updated with weekly :)Bests, Cameron

Sunday Cum Show!

Mar 9th @ 4:20pm EDT

Hey I hope that everybody is having a good weekend. It has been nice for me, relaxed, played, working out, almost finished un packing everything, watch movies. I've been looking forward to getting live today for my Fan Club cum show. I will be doing a free show for all my Members so I hope you can make it. To join if your not already a member you can in my profile. I also noticed there's a contest going on today I will try to get on earlier that way I can participate in the cum show contests going on today. this contest sounds just like my style. I love to participate in contests here and hopefully win them! I will work on getting online more it's just I have been busy things going on here. I have got like 7 or more photo shoots and modeling gigs aligned up for me so coordinating everything along with moving has kept me a good busy. I have takin a break from personal training full-time so now I will have more time to go live for games and shows. Also will be doing more free shows for Fan Club Members and also participating in more contest hope you guys enjoy your time with me. Also if I'm not online you should check out my pre-recorded videos. Very good deals on those shows like 8-20 credits per min vs my normal price for private. When your a Memember in the FC you can watch my videos I make there for free and as many times as you want. With the new photo shoots and house I moved into I will have additional exclusive pictures added to the Fan Club. Lots of good and sexy stuff happening hope you guys can join me!Bests Cameron Foster

Hey everyone

Mar 6th @ 6:15pm EST

I will be giving a free shower and tub show today for my Fan Club Members. I'm going to the store now to get extra bubbles for the sexy tub show. I hope that all my Members can make it. I will be having our show at 8 PM Eastern standard time. If you're not already a Member it's half off to join. I would love to have you in and the bigger our Fan Club gets the more free shows I will be doing! I also have been making new videos like my sexy yoga one today my cum video the other day and made a special request a video for the monthly raffle winner showing just how I do my squats up close and personal. loving the good responses about my new movies. I also recently had two big raffle winners and made one custom video for the Monthly Raffle Winner and tonight going to make another movie for my highest tip giver in February. We will be doing another monthly raffle at the end of the month. Thank you guys for playing and good luck always!!! I will see my members very soon and also be here tonight for some more games private shows and whatever else we want to do :) Bests, Cameron Foster

Fan Club Members

Mar 4th @ 9:26pm EST

Hey I hope everyone is having a good start to the week. I was wanting to go live today for the Mardi Gras contest but could not find supplies my local stores. Maybe it's because I live in Arizona I'm not sure. Anyways I just like to do contest when Im prepared and ready for them because I want to give you guys the best. I will definitely be here for our muscle show for Members Wednesday at 8 PM Eastern standard time. I always look forward to our Member shows! I have also made some new videos the Fan Club to and will continue to make more. Like I said live I'm taking a little break from personal training not completely but I will be spending more time in our Fan Club. I hope you guys enjoy all the new stuff, thank you for all the support you have given me as well. I'm in the top 10% of models and working my way to the top 1% thanks to your help :) Also I'm not sure if you guys know this, I'm just becoming more familiar to my Vods now. I will be putting more time into the details of all the pre recorded Vod videos and it's a great way to check out my shows in Party, private, and multicast, so you know they're sexy! My Vods from pre recorded shows are a great place to also check me out if I can't live. I am looking forward to our Members show with lots of muscle pumping and flexing happening tomorrow! Have a great night I will see you soon Bests, Cameron

Sunday night

Mar 3rd @ 4:26am EST

Hey everybody I hope that your weekend was great. I had an awesome time during my live shows, free cum show for my Fan Club Members, and picking a daily Raffle and monthly Raffle winners tonight. I also had lasts months winner for the highest tip and they received their month pass to the Fan Club. I also have some custom videos to make for my winners. Thank you everyone who is play with me and I will have more daily raffles and another monthly Rafle coming soon. I just made a cum show video today in the Fan Club before bed. Even though I had my cum show earlier for Members, still horny so decided I'm going to start recording and posting my jerk off videos. I also will be making yoga videos, workout videos, cooking videos, and much more. I hope that you Guys like all the new stuff that I've added to the private shows and contests here. The next contest is on Mardi Gras, I hope you can all be here with me for that I will be online for a Cameron A thon Mardi Gras contest I need your help to win more contest please. Thank you guys so much for all that you have done you brought me back to the top 7% after I was gone for a little while moving and unpacking my top 2% rank went away I believe we can get it back and better. Let's go for number one this week we can do it! I want to have the best room and shows with everyone! Thank you for joining me and all the support have a good night. Love, Cameron

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